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Top 3 Coaching Goals

Budget   Learn to Budget.

Buy Car   Buy a Car.

Live with Partner   Live with a Partner.


One-to-one & step-by-

step. That's Next Door®

Coaching. Game on.

Free Financial Coaching is at the heart of Next Door.
Anyone can sit side-by-side with a coach—a smart, friendly human with life experience and numbers knowledge—and talk about hopes, fears and future goals. And no worries: our Coaches aren't paid to sell you stuff. They're here because they believe strengthening an individual's fiscal fitness leads to stronger, healthier communities. Which, really, is a great goal.
Next Door Coaching. No pressure. No obligation.
No charge. No kidding.
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Why Free?

At Next Door®, Coaching, Classes, and Community are free--as in really free, not pretend free--because we're experimenting. We really wanna learn what people really want. Then, we'll shoot those wants back to the Farm. We help you. You help us innovate. We're all smarter for it. We think it's a win-win.

And besides, you still have to pay for the coffee...

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